Like many people, I was alarmed by the rise of Donald Trump and have sought to apply my historical training to try to understand where Trump and Trumpism came from.

In 2020, Manchester University Press will publish a volume of essays on the history of white nationalism in the English-speaking world since 1945 that I am editing along with Camilla Schofield and Jennifer Sutton.  Motivated by the desire to explain the connected triumphs of Trump and the Brexit referendum, it reveals that far from provincial holdovers from a distant past, white nationalists were adaptable and formed connections across the globe. I have written short pieces for the Washington Post and Irish Times based on research for this book.

I have also written about Trump’s victory as resulting from undemocratic features of the American political system, considered his immigration policies from my perspective as an American immigrant to Ireland, suggested that Trump’s election spurred white nationalist violence as that which occurred in Charlottesville, and pondered how to think and feel about Trump’s supporters.