I have written for the Irish Times, Jacobin, In These Times, Boston Review, Dissent, Salon, Common Reader, and Dublin Review of Books.

In recent years, I have been trying to make sense of Donald Trump’s America.  I’ve written recently about the resurgence of Black Lives Matter in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd as well as thereasons why Trump escaped impeachment.  I have also written about Donald Trump’s victory as resulting from undemocratic features of the American political system, considered his immigration policies from my perspective as an American immigrant to Ireland, suggested that Trump’s election spurred white nationalist violence as that which occurred in Charlottesville, and pondered how to think and feel about Trump’s supporters.

Other pieces have reflected on Noam Chomsky, the Kerner Report, Tom Hayden, the “ghetto” as a concept, the film Selmaand the Obamas’ Irish roots.

I am often interviewed on the radio and television in Ireland and elsewhere and have appeared on RTE (radio and t.v.), Newstalk, BBC, WBAI (New York), and KPFA (Berkeley).I am an occasional guest on RTE’s cultural program “Arena” where I have discussed topics such as Little Richard and John Wayne, Bob Dylan, celebrity politicians, and the history of the New York Review of Books.

Media are invited to contact me by email at


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